A New P.A.V.E. Experience at New Rochelle High School
How do you keep a school competitive during one of the worst financial crises in the history of the New Rochelle Community?  Easy.  Instead of asking for more tax dollars, we are asking for your help.  We are a rich community, filled with successful businesses and dynamic personalities.  How can we leave the classroom and have learning take place out in the community?  It is time to use the myriad of resources we have available right here at home to change the way students at New Rochelle High School learn.

With your help, we hope to offer students a unique new experience that is only offered here at New Rochelle High School.  This new experience will use film and film production to show how core subjects fit into everyday life.  To learn about P.A.V.E. and the Film/Production experience, please use the menu bar located at the top of this page.  More importantly, as you read and explore this site, know that you are the key to unlocking an amazing experience for students at New Rochelle.  Whether you are a parent of a student, business owner, or even someone who just wants to make a difference, this site will demonstrate the simple ways that you can truly impact students lives!
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